Our expertise is broad, but our mission is simple: maximise the performance of your system while minimising the pressure on your resources. We offer a suite of Services that make us a one-stop shop for all things related to mobile technologies, automatic data collection, bar code scanning, printing, RFID, wireless networking and more.

Advice & Consultation Services

We want our customers to make an informed decision so that the end result is a solution that fits their needs perfectly. Contact us if you need some assistance in finding the right solution for your business.

Business Analysis Services

Our team offer their expertise to put together a report that highlights the positive impact a mobility solutions will have on your business processes, cashflow and future growth.

Project Management

When you are ready to take on the exciting opportunity to implement your mobility solutions put your business in the hands of a reliable, experienced project manager.

On-site Tech Services

When your new system is ready to go live, we’ll be there for you. We are able to be on or off site to help you with planning the go-live, monitoring it, and training users to help get them up to speed on the new system.



RF Tech Services

We conduct a thorough, on-site radio frequency analysis that gives you a guide for the quantity and location of access points, selection of antenna types, and the detection and measurement of RF interference – all consistent with the specific demands of your location, including construction materials, inventory types and more.

Staging and Configuration

Open the boxes and go to work: our Staging and Configuration services test your units, load the necessary software and apply the correct settings so that your units are ready upon arrival.

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Founded on a commitment to service, accessibility and hands-on support, Bmobile provides tailored, industry-specific solutions that best meet your company’s business objectives.